Day: May 8, 2020

3 - 0
Full Time
6 - 1
Full Time
2 - 4
Full Time
1 - 2
Full Time
0 - 2
Full Time
3 - 1
Full Time


Match results have not been approved. FC Ramirez did not check-in and broke the following rule:

  • “Players must live-stream themselves on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or Twitch when playing an official match.”

Aros E-Sports sent the following the message before the game:

  • “FIFA 20 Tournament: Everyone will have to check-in by video call. How to video call:A. Live stream yourself on Twitch using a camera.
    B. Call us on Instagram by visiting: to comply will result in a forfeit.”

This match will have to be replayed if Jalisco FC does not concede. Jalisco FC has been reached. Both teams agreed to a rematch.

1 - 5
Full Time
6:00 pm PDT